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A story as old as time.

Someone always has a story to tell. Whether we experience triumph, tragedy or something in between, life IS the story. And since the beginning of time, we've told stories face-to-face: whether around a campfire, at the pub, across the table or on a street corner.

While a story persists by being retold, it lives on perhaps most vividly through music. Whether we want to celebrate a moment, soothe a broken heart or offer a cautionary tale, music lets us hear, feel and remember together.

I call this togetherness the "musical conversation," and I've been drawn to it since I was a kid. HaveGuitarWillTravel.World explores the world's unique cultures through live performance, documenting this universal desire to gather, to share, to learn one another's music and in doing so, one another's stories.

So glad you've decided to join me. Time is short & it's a big world.... Let's get started.


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