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Art that endures.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. --Vincent Van Gogh

The journey to experience the heart and soul of a place lies, in fact, in a series of small things. It's the thoughtful "Hey, have you met...?" comment that leads you to a new place, in a new town, sharing a moment over a pint. It's that generosity of introduction --then the next, and the one after that-- that helps you truly hear the voice of a culture. It's those humbling moments of meeting the artists who dedicate their lives to what I call the "musical conversation," and the magic that happens when we gather in the name of local, live music.

Art endures through sharing. Here's to the artists whose passions stop us in our tracks to enjoy these moments together.

Artist, music promoter & friend, Martin F. Bedford. His dedication to promoting live music --as both a poster artist and the founder of the Honey Bee Blues Club-- is legend. Highlights of his work, "Sheffield Heroes" can be found here.


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