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Every culture has a voice. Music lets us hear it.

Since the beginning of time, we have told stories to remember and celebrate what we value most. 
This ancient oral tradition of storytelling lives vividly in our music and cultures.
Nashville musician and producer Mark Allen travels the world to record and share these unique legacies.


Where we're going.

Here's a preview of what's in production:


Meet Mark

A natural storyteller and lifelong traveler, Nashville musician Mark Allen takes us on tour, documenting the role local live music plays in both shaping and reflecting cultural identity.   Whether in the pubs of Scotland or on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, Mark's unparalleled ability to connect with audiences has made him one of the longest-running headliners of Music City's Opryland Resort. 

Having performed and produced music spanning myriad genres --from Rock, R&B, Americana and Hip Hop to Celtic, Country, Classical and Jazz-- Mark is uniquely poised to give viewers the opportunity to experience the world's music through the lens of historian, devoted craftsman and fellow performer.


Road trip!

Bring your sense of adventure. 

Life is short & it's a big world.

C'mon, let's go.

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The journey begins.